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Saturday May 18th


Avery Bogart


Elevated Circulating Cell-free Hemoglobin Drives Endothelial Glycocalyx Destruction and Inflammation in Sepsis


Student Presentations at ATS

SDCC, Room 14 A-B Upper Level

Presentation: 8:45am - 9:45am (Avery up first)


Sunday May 19th


Ciara Shaver


Quantification of Pulmonary Edema in Lung Transplant Recipients Using RALE Score Is Associated With Poor Clinical Outcomes


A26 - Improving Outcomes in Sarcoidosis, Rare Lung Disease and Lung Transplant

SDCC, Room 30C-E (Upper Level)

Presentation: 9:15am - 11:15am

Sarah Obeidalla

Acetaminophen and Clinical outcomes in Sepsis: A Retrospective Propensity Score Analysis of Ibuprofen in Sepsis Study

A23 - Investigation Heterogeneity in Sepsis and Pneumonia: Trials, Cohorts, and Patient-Oriented Research

Presentation: 9:15-11:15am

Kyle Riedmann


Elevated Cell-Free Hemoglobin Disrupts Pulmonary Endothelial Function and is Associated with Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Sepsis Patients


A74 - Mitochondria and Metabolism in Lung Health and Disease

Thematic Poster Session

SDCC, Area E, Hall A-B2, Ground Level

Presentation: 11:30am - 1:15pm


Avery Bogart


Elevated Circulating Cell-free Hemoglobin Drives Endothelial Glycocalyx Destruction and Inflammation in Sepsis


A103 - Dysregulated Pathways in Sepsis and Lung Injury: Searching for Treatable Traits

SDCC, Room 1A-B


Poster Viewing: 2:15-3:00pm

Poster Discussion: 3:00-4:15pm

Emily Qian

Characterization of Immune Populations in Cell-Free Hemoglobin Exposed Lungs

Student Presentations

SDCC, Room 14 A-B, Upper Level

Presentations: 3:15pm-4:15pm

Monday May 20th


Ciara Shaver


Human Donor Lungs Supported With Human:Porcine Xenogeneic Cross Circulation Maintain Physiologic Function After Re-exposure to Human Blood, Despite Ongoing Cross-Species Immunoreactivity


B74 - Breathing New Life: Lung Transplant Pathogenesis and Mechanisms

SDCC, Area A, Hall A-B2, Ground Level

11:30am - 1:15pm


Ciara Shaver


MicroRNA Biomarkers of Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury Are Detectable in Distal Airspace Fluid From Heat Moisture Exchange Filters of Mechanically Ventilated Patients


11:30am - 1:15pm


Tuesday May 21st


Jamie Meegan


Hemoglobin-mediated Oxidation of Low-density Lipoprotein (oxLDL) Contributes to Lung Microvascular Endothelial Dysfunction Via Lectin-like Oxidized LDL Receptor 1 (LOX-1)

Poster: 520


C25 - Gaslamp Quarter: shedding Light on Vascular Pathogenic Mechanisms in PAH

SDCC, Room 11A-B, Upper Level

9:15 am - 10:00 am Poster Viewing

10:00 am - 11:15am Poster Discussion 


Jamie Meegan


Higher Levels of Soluble LOX-1 and Oxidized LDL are Associated with the Hypoinflammatory LCA Phenotype in Sepsis


C39 - Pneumonia and Sepsis: Epidemiology, Treatment, and Outcomes

Thematic Poster Session

SDCC, Area K, Hall H, Ground Level 

Poster: P1201

Presentation: 11:30am - 1:15pm


Ciara Shaver


Protection of the Alveolar Epithelial Glycocalyx With Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibition Results in Reduced Lung Injury From Influenza A


C108 - Mechanisms of Lung Inflammation and Infection

SDCC, Room 1A-B, Upper Level

Presentation: 2:15pm - 4:15pm

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